Saturday, July 02, 2005

Todd Graves comments

A news release, court documents and MP3 audio files regarding Bill Waris' Saturday morning guilty plea have been posted to our Web site for download. Here is the text of Todd Graves' prepared remarks, delivered on the steps of the federal courthouse Saturday morning:

Waris, a former county executive and lobbyist for Jackson County, pleaded guilty in federal court this morningto making a material false statement to FBI agents.

I’m pleased with this guilty plea. We are seeking the truth, wherever it may lead. Waris has now admitted that the story he told FBI agents was not truthful. The advantage of today’s plea agreement is that it forces Waris to provide substantial assistance with any federal investigation by fully and truthfully disclosing everything he knows related to the investigation, including testifying before the grand jury or at trial.

Today’s guilty plea holds Waris accountable for his actions and sends a clear signal that we are serious about upholding the integrity of the judicial process. We will vigorously prosecute those who interfere with the process of justice.

Every citizen has a legal obligation to cooperate fully and honestly with any law enforcement investigation. Lying to federal agents is a criminal act that will be prosecuted.