Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jack Wayne Rogers -- appeal denied

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld the 30-year prison sentence of Jack Wayne Rogers, the Fulton, Mo., man who pleaded guilty to child pornography and obscenity charges. Rogers appealed that sentence, complaining that it was too harsh, but lost his appeal today when the Court of Appeals affirmed the upward departure imposed by U.S. District Judge Scott O. Wright last year.

Here is our April 28, 2004, news release announcing the sentence.

From today's court ruling: "Rogers’s performance of numerous surgical nullifications without a medical license; his brutal and degrading conduct toward the motel room victim, inflicting injuries that almost killed her when he failed to seek appropriate medical care; his ingestion of severed male genitals and publication of this heinous conduct on the Internet; the exceptionally large number of pornographic and obscene images; his expressed interest in torturing children; his boast that he tortured, raped, and murdered a child -- these facts, taken together, are more than sufficient to warrant a substantial upward departure."

The court's published opinion is available here.